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Baily Rossi

Class of 2017

Baily Rossi worked as an editor for The Catalyst for four quarters. She graduated from UCSB with a B.A. in English and a Masters in Education. Baily now lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and works as an educator. She continues to write; she is currently working on a novel she hopes to publish. When asked, Baily still agrees that working with The Catalyst was the most fulfilling work she did while attending UCSB.

Hannah Pham & Sarah Wilson

Class of 2017

The Catalyst is excited to welcome back two of our former editors, Hannah Pham and Sarah Wilson. Hannah was a communication major, while Sarah was an English major, and they both graduated in the spring of 2017.

Hannah and Sarah met during their freshman year during a meeting for The Catalyst, back when it was just being reawakened as a publication. Recognizing each other as the youngest attendees at the time, the two decided to stick together, and they promised each other that they would one day become leaders of the magazine. Three years later, they did just that.

During their senior year at UCSB, Sarah acted as the Design Editor and Hannah acted as the Managing Editor for The Catalyst. They also helped as instructors for the corresponding class.

Postgraduation, they are both keeping busy: Sarah works as an Editorial Assistant at SAGE Publications and is pursuing a certificate in professional editing. Hannah currently helps her family’s small business with marketing and photography, building up her portfolio. With The Catalyst bringing them back together, it feels as if they were never apart.