• By Caden Luke (he/they)
  • Art “Hues” by Ellie Aquilanti (she/her)

I was never insensible at all.

Though long I’d known,
as of yet, I’d learnt nothing.

Dissolve as I may,
I remain resolute.
But who am I at all?

To state the obvious
about me, there’s nothing stately.
Don’t you see?

To be at peace in decadence
is a decree: to remain replete
is enough for me.

But what of being free?

    I retain my plea;
 it rings corporeally.
      The drumming remains
surreal in the ears of the unlearned.
   To listen is to be heard.
The answers you seek aren’t learned.
   Through a life of earnest,
  They are earned
       or unearthed.

Now you’re starting to get it:

somewhere along the way,
   indigo and violet,
   I may succumb to lavender mist.
   but nothing's amiss

I haste to escape
this panopticon,
to exist unmoored.
These accords
were in motion
long before
we’d ever charted a course.
In my palms, oases form,
a soul cleft from flesh
may not soar.

you’ll see me
I’ve compromised
to comprise
the bespeckled canopy.

along the way
between indigo
and violet, I became
the lavender I’d missed.