• By Kate Fernandez (she/her)
  • Art “Neighborhood Bike” by Ariana Duckett (she/they)

Heart pounding, mind racing, I’ve got to get out,
Feet bounding, they’re chasing, I leave with a shout.

Rusty purple bike, my friend till the end,
A crusty loose gear I’ve been meaning to mend.

It brings me to you, rounding the bends,
You’ve always been there, ready to defend.

That first day in class when you told off Madame,
You took me in, your French grade be damned.

Depuit le début, tu étais à moi,
Je partagerai toujours cette langue avec toi.

They listen in, but can’t understand,
As I stormed out, our language was banned.

Turning the gears, screw facing fears,
Quand j’arrive, you’ll wipe all my tears.

When it all gets too much, and I can’t stand the pain,
I know I can find you, right down the lane.

I’ll simply text you, “Meet me at our spot”
And soon you’ll be waiting at the empty lot.

The stars are shining there, but so are you.
Les étoiles sont pas aussi brillantes que ton feu.

Soon we’re stargazing, our hearts are blazing,
Like frames in a film, the moon is phasing.

I have to go back, they’re blowing up my phone,
Mais bientôt novus ne serons plus aussi jeunes.

Chariot carrying me, hands gripping the chrome,
I see your eyes in the stars, the whole bike ride home.